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Security & Logistics


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There are some 1,000 functioning satellites orbiting the Earth relaying and amplifying information sent through radio frequencies from one point on Earth to another. They form part of the infrastructure that we rely on for safety and quality of life.

Many people do not realise how pervasive satellite services are in contemporary society.

Atomic clocks on Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites allow the security sector to co-ordinate security across multiple time zones. Military personnel use navigation satellites and broadband internet can reach rural locations and moving objects such as trains.

Telecommunications satellites provide audio and video connections. Earth observation satellites provide imagery used by the military and governments in early warning weather systems and to monitor the environment.


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Logistics is the management of the flow of things between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet requirements of customers or corporations.

Indigo Telecoms logistics sector and technology infrastructure is the largest and most extensive in the country, providing, in addition to logistics, integrated communication, financial, insurance and mobile telephony products and services to consumers, businesses and the public sector throughout the country.

With our network, Indigo serves over all our customers effectively. Our widespread presence around the country, extensive experience and use of new technologies, have enabled us to play a leading role in the process of economic and social development in Kenya.

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