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NGT™ MR Transceiver

NGT indigo telecom


The NGT™ MR Transceiver provides tactical High Frequency (HF) voice and data communications for military and security users worldwide. It is more affordable than manpack based solutions while delivering the same critical HF needs such as reliable, secure and interoperable communications.

Codan offers a range of accessories including telephone interconnects, crosspatches, high power amplifiers, and antenna tuners, as well as options such as voice encryption, frequency hopping (ECCM), ISB for high speed (19K2) data communications, and GPS positioning.

Codan NGT™ SR

indigo telecom codan


The Codan NGT™ SR is a complete solution to your advanced system needs, including remote-control, split-site, high power communications, or base and vehicle applications. While incorporating superb features like Easitalk®, advanced calling capabilities, and an innovative handset, the NGT™ SR also sports Multiple control points. An extensive range of options including ALE, voice encryption, and GPS are available.

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