TM9400 P25 Mobile Radios

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TM9400 P25 Mobile Radios


Each TM9400 features multiple modes of operation, including analog, 12.5kHz P25 Phase 1 FDMA conventional/trunked, upgradable to 6.25kHz (equivalent) P25 Phase 2 TDMA trunked and LSM (CQPSK) decode capability, for ease of migration to a more spectrally efficient solution when required.
For safe, secure and effective communications on the move, the TM9400 features Lone Worker, a covert microphone and stealth emergency modes as standard. For additional operational security, the TM9400 supports end-to-end encryption (including AES), the Tait Key Fill Device (KFD) and Over-the-air Rekeying (OTAR).
The TM9400 allows you to work the way that suits you best. With multiple configuration options, software licenses for additional features, and programmable function keys, the TM9400 is an efficient addition to any organization.

  • Description
  • Operation in VHF and 700/800MHz frequency bands
  • Reduced migration risk with the multiple modes of operation
  • Greater vendor choice, increased competition and interoperability with adherence to the P25 standards and software-upgradability to
  • P25 Phase 2
  • Efficient operations with encryption, voice and data, simulcast support and pre-set status messages
  • Flexible expansion via an options slot for additional capabilities
  • Rugged build with an IP54 rating, water-resistant control head, and exceeding relevant MIL-STD-810G

Microphones and Speakers

  • TM9100 Rugged microphone (IP54, supplied as standard with TM9100 series)
  • TM9100 Rugged keypad microphone
  • TM9100 Desktop microphone
  • TM9100 Handset
  • TM9100 Remote PTT kit (visor electret microphone and gear lever switch)
  • TM9100 External 10W speaker for 25W mobile radio
  • TM9100 External 10W speaker for 50W mobile radio
  • TM9100 Hand-Held Control Head

Power Supplies and Desktop Mounting Options

  • Desktop Power Supply Unit for 25W mobile
  • Desktop Power Supply Unit for 50W mobile
  • PSU Plinth mounting kit for 25W mobile radio desktop power supply
  • PSU Plinth mounting kit for 50W mobile radio desktop power supply

Installation Kits and Cradles

  • TM9100 U-Cradle installation kits (for 25W, 40/50W, BNC and mini U radios)
  • TM9100 Security cradle installation kit (for 25W, 40/50W, BNC and mini U radios)
  • TM9100 Remote mounting kits
  • TM9100 110W installation kit
  • TM9100 Ignition sense kit

Programming and Service Kits

Programming Kit
Includes programming software, cables and USB adapter

Service Kit
Includes calibration and programming software, cables, interface unit, USB adapter and service documentation

Software Licenses*

Software licenses allow a solution that is readily extended as needs change, removing the risk of hardware upgrades and factory returns. Trunking, P25 CAI, encryption, location transmission/display, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and OTAR are just some of the software license options available. Software licenses are available separately per radio.

For a complete list of available software licenses, please contact your local Tait representative.

*Please note that not all software licenses are available to the TM9135 mobile.