Thuraya IP Commander

Thuraya IP Commander

Thuraya IP Commander features
  • IK10 and IP66 certified
  • Simple and easy-to-install
  • Data and voice connectivity within minutes
  • Reliable access across Thuraya’s satellite network
  • Rugged voice handset for clear and uninterrupted voice connectivity
  • IP data speeds of up to 444kbps, streaming IP speeds of up to 384kbps
  • User definable asymmetric streaming
  • Description

Indigo telecom is pleased to present to you the Thuraya IP Commander.

Uniquely designed, this ruggedized terminal has a MIL-SPEC set of features which have been purpose-built for military, government, civil defense and emergency response teams. The Thuraya IP Commander is engineered to enable mission-critical voice and data connectivity in the most extreme of environments.
The toughest vehicular terminal in the market, IP Commander is simple, quick, easy-to-install and is capable of withstanding tough physical conditions. It is also dust and water resistant.

The solid, dependable broadband terminal comes with a robust voice handset that offers clear and uninterrupted voice connectivity. Thuraya’s data network offers IP broadband speeds of up to 444kbps, while on-the-move or paused.

The Thuraya IP Commander boasts high-speed communications that will help establish command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR), blue-force tracking, logistical management and tactical command for swift mission deployment.

The Thuraya IP Commander facilitates mission-effective operations and secure real-time, two-way communications between HQ and deployed units. Where rapid response is of the essence, Thuraya’s IP Commander helps to save lives and facilitates operations in the field.

Easily integrated with Thuraya-certified solutions, such as video surveillance, video conferencing and TETRA over IP, the IP Commander supports secure communications over a wide range of communication platforms.

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Solid and dependable
Thuraya IP Commander is purpose-built for use in vehicles. The satellite terminal has MIL-SPEC connectors and a chassis that is able to withstand the harshest treatment.

Easy installation
Thuraya IP Commander is built for Comms-On-the-Move and can be easily installed on any vehicle. The antenna with its magnetic feet can be fitted in seconds and the vehicular mobile satellite terminal has simple plug-and-play features that enable a swift mission deployment. However it can also be transitioned into fixed installation scenarios in minutes, suiting applications in military encampments and emergency response sites.

Voice and IP
The terminal boasts a robust voice handset that offers clear and uninterrupted voice connectivity across Thuraya’s highly reliable voice network. It also supports IP broadband speeds of up to 444kbps while on the move.

High-speed streaming capabilities
Thuraya IP Commander is the only ruggedized terminal in the market capable of achieving streaming IP speeds of up to 384kbps.

Asymmetric streaming
Thuraya is the first mobile satellite services operator to provide asymmetric streaming capabilities for all our broadband devices. Thuraya IP Commander can be configured to allow users to manage their upload and download speeds to match their usage and ensure significant savings.

Unlimited data usage
With the IP Unlimited data plan, users can conduct all field operations, including video conferences, file transfers and other high-bandwidth applications at a fixed monthly rate, with no additional costs.

• MIL-SPEC ruggedized satell ite terminal with tracking antenna
• Easy to install
• Voice (Circuit-switched)
• IP data up to 444kbps
• High-speed streaming IP speeds up to 384kbps
• Asymmetric streaming
• Secure Wi-Fi access point
• Unlimited data usage

  • Cardboard box or Pelican case contains:– Thuraya IP Commander modem- SpaceCom Thuraya antenna- 20-foot (6.1 meter) RF cable- Wired Primary handset- Wi-Fi antenna- Ethernet (RJ-45) cable

    – DC power cable

    – AC power supply and a documentation kit