Swift Broadband

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Swift Broadband


It is designed to provide any bandwidth requirements to suite any area in aviation

SwiftBroadband allows more simultaneous users and more demanding applications. Rates can be increased further by using parallel channels and data compression.

  • Description

This aviation satellite solution offers:

  • Simultaneous voice and high-speed data
  • High-quality voice channel
  • Full functionality of land-based fixed phone services
  • A generic SMS service
  • Global coverage

Compact Unit 
Standard IP dataCurrently up to two channels per aircraft
Up to 432kbps per channel over a high-gain antenna
Up to 332kbps over an intermediate-gain antenna
IP data streamingOn demand at 32,64,128kbps –can be combined for higher rates.
Simultaneous voice and high-speed dataPacket data ((TCP/IP)and ISDN
Standalone or simultaneous operationUsing Inmarsat ’s Aero H/H+and Swift 64 services
CompatabilityGPRS and UMTS
Compliant with ARINC 781
High-assurance applicationsNATO secret and NSA Type-1 encryption systems
STU-III/IIb,STE,KIV-7, Brent and HAIPE devices including KG-175 TACLANE, KG-235 Sectéra,KG-250 Altasec