Ku-Band VSAT internet

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Ku-Band VSAT internet


A fixed internet solution for multi users via satellite technology, suitable for small business offices(SOHO).

This platform offers unlimited bandwidth and committed Information Rates (CIR) per day thus ensuring that clients get reliable constant service with no interruptions or service fluctuations. This service is offered on KU band contended service and is available on NSS12 satellite.
The scope of work includes installation of VSAT terminal at the client respective site and providing different internet access speeds depending on the service level purchased.
The service is offered at a fixed charge monthly service fee making it easy to budget for .

  • Description

Product Benefits

A service designed to manage your communication via satellite technology

Lower hardware costs
Lower operational costs

Independent from any terrestrial communication lines
Provides a single platform for a variety of TCP/IP applications
Power Higher MTBF
Allows ease of Management
Cost effective

Fixed charge monthly service, optimal for budgeting and forecasting purposes

VSAT unit1.2 meters offset antenna
Feed horn assembly
Satellite antenna1.2 meters
3 Watt transceiver

  • Parabolic Antenna
  • LNB (Low Noise Block)
  • BUC (Block Up Converter)
  • Satellite Router (Modem)
  • Mount
  • Cables