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Isathub Take your world with you

Imagine a world where you use your phone or tablet seamlessly to talk, text, access the internet and your apps, independently of cellular and fixed networks.

Well that world is here with IsatHub, our global smart device connectivity service. So now you can remain productive by having a constant line back to the office and stay in touch with your friends and family wherever you go.

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Smart connectivity anywhere

Imagine a world where you can take your own personal connectivity to accompany one of your most valued possessions – your smart device – wherever you go.

Control app featuresVoice app features
  • Signal strength indicator with pointing assistance
  • Network registration
  • Manage costs and each connected device with service access controls and usage counters
  • Battery / AC status indicator
  • Firewall pre-set selections
    • Configured from Web MMI
  • Two security levels
    • MAC address filtering
    • Wi-Fi password control
  • Terminal temperature warning
  • Personal assistance button
  • User help
  • Preconfigured for use over IsatHub
  • Auto SIP registration (with SIP proxy in terminal)
  • Error handling
  • Works with contacts on smart device
  • SMS functionality
  • Call duration i


  • IsatHub terminal

    The first terminal to access the IsatHub service is Addvalue’s Wideye iSavi:isathub_terminal

    • Weighs 850g
    • 179 x 170 x 30 mm
    • IsatHub services supported
      • Standard IP (up to 384 / 240 Kbps)
      • Circuit switched voice
      • Text
    • Battery: 2.5hr operating
    • Wi-Fi range of 30 metres / 100 feet
    • Built in SIP server
    • Mains charger
    • USB port for firmware updates only
    • LED arrows for pointing assistance