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GET2NET supported by Indigo Telecom via NewSkies, is one of the latest and most robust Internet service now available over Africa. This solution is designed for small remote sites, home users and even as back up to existing internet services.

Get 2 Net has a triple play capability, and provides high-speed Internet access (at up to 2Mbit/s) at a flat rate cost to end users, along with VoIP, IPTV, and content-on-demand facilities, without any requirement for a landline, cable or terrestrial wireless connection.

This Ku-band VSAT Internet service is on NSS12 and Telstar 11N satellites. These satellites deliver DTH (Direct to Home) power and performance through Ku-band spot beams over the Middle East, Europe, Central and South Asia and Africa.

  • Description
  • Broadband via Satellite
  • Internet anytime
  • Fast and Flexible
  • TV and Telephone
  • Easy to Install

Compact Unit 
Dimensions 1 meter dish
ModemThe IP modem is basically a satellite modem with an Ethernet interface, including TCP acceleration and HTTP pre-fetching.The modem is connected with two cables (separated Tx, Rx) to the iLNB and with one standard Ethernet cable to the PC or PC-network.
Receiver Interactive LNB with (500mW)with intergrated Ku band transmiter
ACThe power supply is an external mains adapter.

  • One IP modem, including Ethernet cable and power supply:
  • One interactive LNB
  • One 1 m satellite antenna and antenna mast-head
  • One Point & Play antenna pointing device
  • One 30m twin-coax cable, including 5x f-type connectors
  • One printed user manual + CD-ROM