FlightDeck Freedom

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FlightDeck Freedom


Satcom Direct's FlightDeck Freedom (FDF) datalink service is fully compatible with all avionics and airframe manufacturers. FDF uses datalink technology that is specifically designed to support business and military aviation worldwide.

The FDF globally redundant network provides pilots critical data such as pre-departure clearances, Digital ATIS, oceanic clearances, airport weather, FANS testing, graphical weather, Aircraft Performance Group (APG) calculations and flight plan routes uplink.

FDF enables the flight crew to monitor cabin communications to assure voice and internet services are working for passengers/VIPs. Dispatchers and maintenance personnel have access to automated takeoff and landing reports, email messages to/from the aircraft, and can monitor aircraft position at any time with Satcom Direct's exclusive SD Flight Tracker.

  • Description
  • Choice of Trip Planning Providers
  • Fixed annual fee – No extra charges for satellite communications
  • Available via SITA VHF, Iridium or Inmarsat networks
  • FMS, and text message delivery of take-off/landing reports, test and geographical weather
  • Flight plan & winds upload to Flight Management Computer (FMC)
  • Direct access allowing the flight crew to monitor cabin systems status
  • Automatic delivery of takeoff/landing reports
  • Text & graphical weather
  • Access to Satcom Direct’s exclusive SD Flight Tracker & TrackerMail services
  • Aircraft Performance Group (APG) calculations for runway analysis and emergency procedures received on your flight deck display
  • FANS messaging and testing through our simulated ATS facility for FANS validation and troubleshooting from any location, any time
  • Uplink flight deck notifications based on geographical regions using Satcom Direct’s Geo Fence
  • Supports all business aviation avionics including Airbus ATSU, Honeywell AFIS, MARK II CMU, MARK III CMU, Primus Epic® platforms, Dassault EASy, Gulfstream PlaneView®, Rockwell Collins CMU/RIU, Teledyne Controls TeleLink®, Universal Avionics UniLink®, and Rockwell Collins Fusion, Bombardier Vision

The FDF Portal is a web-based dashboard that gives FlightDeck Freedom customers direct access to:

  • Manage distribution lists for messages from aircraft, takeoff/landing reports, and CAS/CMC reports
  • Setup short codes to simplify sending of messages from the aircraft
    Designate who is authorized to send messages and emails to the aircraft
  • Select unique service features including automatic Pre-Departure Clearance uplink, automatic receipt of service advisories, and other aircraft-specific features
  • Aircraft Performance Group (APG) calculations for runway analysis, emergency procedures and Weight & Balance. Access APG calculations for flight plans created by 20+ trip planning companies.