Codan NGT SR

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Codan NGT SR


The Codan NGT™ SR is a complete solution to your advanced system needs, including remote-control, split-site, high power communications, or base and vehicle applications. While incorporating superb features like Easitalk®, advanced calling capabilities, and an innovative handset, the NGT™ SR also sports Multiple control points. An extensive range of options including ALE, voice encryption, and GPS are available.

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Multiple control pointsMultiple control points provide you with the flexibility to simultaneously connect other devices, such as data modems and telephone interconnects.
Innovative handsetManaging and operating your networks has never been easier or more efficient. With Codan’s simple yet advanced handset you can access and program all features, functions and hotkeys.
Emergency selcallWhen safety is at risk and every second counts, you can use the NGT SR to automatically send a distress signal to pre-selected stations – at the press of a single button.
Easy installationCodan’s NGT SR is small, convenient to mount, and easy to install in fixed and mobile environments.
Smart monitoringWhile the radio is muted you can monitor a variety of channels, and calls can be received on any of the scanned channels.
Easitalk®Easitalk® is a Digital Signal Processor that minimises interference and reduces noise to provide the clearest communications of any available HF transceiver.
Computer controlUsing a computer and an RS232 port, you can control an NGT SR to help with paging, GPS tracking and logging, and other automated applications.
Voice EncryptionThe optional Voice Encryptor provides communication security (COMSEC), so you can communicate sensitive information in confidence and without complicated setup procedures.
Fax, data, email and internetThe NGT SR is designed for both voice and data applications. With Codan’s optional UUPlus® email software, setting up a highly efficient email network is simple using Codan’s 3012 (data) or 9001 (fax and data) modems.
Calling facilitiesThe NGT SR comes standard with selective calling and optionally supports phone calling, and remote diagnostics and configuration.
ALEALE is available as an option to automatically select the best channel, at any time of the day and from the moment the transceiver is switched on.

Channel capacity400 channels, 600 channels when MIL-STD-188-141B ALE is enabled
Frequency rangeTransmit: 1.6 to 30 MHz
Receive: 0.25 to 30 MHz
Channel capacity400 channels
Operating modeSingle sideband (J3E, USB, LSB, AM)
Frequency stability±0.3 ppm (–30°C to +60°C)
Primary voltage12 V DC nominal, negative earth
Primary powerReceive: 1 A (no signal)
Transmit: 6 A (J3E voice)
10–14 A (J3E two-tone)
Transceiver sensitivity–125 dBm (10 dB SINAD)
Spurious and harmonic emissionsBetter than 65 dB below PEP
Temperature–30°C to +60°C
Size and weight2010 RF Unit: 210 mm W 270 mm D x 65 mm H; 3.3 kg
2020 Handset: 65 mm W x 35 mm D x 130 mm H; 0.3 kg
2030 Junction Box: 135 mm W x 117 mm D x 38 mm H; 0.4 kg
ALE link quality data24 hours of up to 100 stations and 100 channels using a total of 72675 discrete sets of LQA data
ALE link quality data resolutionLocal: 8 bits SINAD, 8 bits BER
Remote: 5 bits SINAD, 5 bits BER
DustMIL-STD-810F method 510.4
VibrationMIL-STD-810F method 514.5
ShockMIL-STD-810F method 516.5
Computer interfaceRS232, 300 to 19200 baud
GPS interfaceNMEA-0183 (4800 baud, RS232)

  • Voice Encryptor
  • Fan for continuous data transmission
  • GPS Interface
  • Narrow Band Filter (500 Hz)
  • Wide Band Filter (2700 Hz)