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Dedicated reliable internet access via VSAT for real-time applications.

This service is designed for organizations (mostly corporates) that require high and guaranteed internet speeds. Typically, it is recommended for institutions with many users or a need to transmit real time data.

The solution can support organizations with multiple locations enabling the branch offices to communicate with the headquarters.

This platform offers unlimited bandwidth and committed Information Rates (CIR) per day thus ensuring that clients get reliable constant service with no interruptions or service fluctuations. This service is offered on C -band dedicated service and is available on NSS12 or W2A satellites.

The scope of work includes installation of the 1.8M VSAT terminal at the client respective site and providing different internet access speeds depending on the service level purchased.
The service is offered at a fixed charge monthly service fee making it easy to budget for .

  • Description

The solution offers a customized service to adapt to the users wants.

  • It is designed to be easy in application and operation
  • Flexible technology design allowing one to run various applications comfortably
  • Organisation can run VPN services over it
  • VAS like VOIP and video conference work well
  • Ensures continuous, reliable operations as not intterupted by bad weather
  • Quick, effectively managed communication channel
  • Cost effective

Compact Unit 
DimensionsTypically 1.8M – 4.9meter
Transceiver5W-100W C band
ReceiverPLL LNB
ACIndoor Power Supply
Interfacility Link (IFL) Cable (Data/Power)
ModemIdirect Evolultion X3, or COMTECH QPSK, 8PSK, 16QAM Turbo modem
External Interface10 Base – T Ethernet, G.703, or serial
Voice InterfaceFXS, FXO, E&M,BRI, PRI, G.703

  • Parabolic Antenna
  • LNB (Low Noise Block)
  • BUC (Block Up Converter)
  • Satellite Router (Modem)
  • Mount
  • Cables