Battery – T&T 300 / 500

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Battery – T&T 300 / 500


It is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery used to provide power to the Explorer 300 or 500 BGAN unit.

It supplies up to 36 hours of standby power and approximately 1 hour of transmission at medium level background IP data connection.

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Compact Unit 
Power11.1V 2200mAh
Stand-by time36h, 0°C to +55°C/+32°F to +131°F
Standard call3h, 0°C to +55°C/+32°F to +131°F
Tx time, max1h20 @ 96kbps,0°C to +55°C/+32°F to +131°F
Rx time, max3h30m @ 64kbps,0°C to +55°C/+32°F to +131°F
Min. charge cycles300
Recharge time<3h
Charge temperature0°C to +45°C/+32°F to +113°F
Battery storage temperature
1 month-20°C to +60°C / -4°F to +140°F ambient
3 months-20°C to +45°C / -4°F to +113°F ambient
1 year-20°C to +20°C / -4°F to +68°F ambient