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OFFER!! Get Thuraya FDU-3500 Fixed Docking Unit for only Usd 649.0

Thuraya FDU-3500

Thuraya FDU-3500

Thuraya’s Fixed Docking Unit Thuraya FDU-3500 is a home/office docking adaptor that allows the usage of Thuraya satellite mobile phones in indoor environments.

Thuraya FDU-3500 complements the Thuraya phones by extending its operation and functionalities to the comfort of homes and offices.

The new ThurayaFDU-3500 has been designed as a state-of-the-art device that complements the new Thuraya SO-2510 and Thuraya SG-2520 in design, features and function. The unit functionality is simple and user friendly.

Simply dock the Thuraya phones into the designated slot of the ThurayaFDU-3500, and all the standard satellite based services such as voice, fax, data and new supplementary services like internet connectivity (i.e. GmPRS) are available indoors.

What’s in the box?

* Thuraya FDU-3500
* User Guide
* Auxiliary Handset
* Universal Power Supply
* Wall Mounting Adapter
* Standard Handset Battery
* USB Data Cable and Driver CD
* USBRJ-11 Cable
* SAT Antenna and Cable (25m)
* GPS Antenna and Cable (25m)

The SG-2520 is not only a functional satellite phone, it is also a personal, fashionable, and mobile office, giving you everything a modern GSM mobile can and more!

Control Keys

* Speakerphone function on/off
* Mute function on/off
* Volume up/down


* Power LED displays on/off status
* Battery LED displays HHT battery charging status
* Speaker LED displays on/off status
* Mute LED displays sound on/off
* Volume Up/Down LED displays volume control status


* 3 x RJ-11:
* External telephone connection
(voice call)

* External FAX machine connection
(FAX call)

* Auxiliary handset connection
(voice call)

* 1 x USB: PC connection (data, call, FAX call, GmPRS)

* 1 x D-SUB (9-pin): External device connection & PC connection (data call, FAX call, GmPRS)

* 2 x SMA:

* Satellite antenna connection

* GPS antenna connection


* Universal AC/DC power supply: 110-240V free voltage input
* Input power DC 12V/24V/34V

OFFER ON Thuraya fixed docking unit FDU-3500 WAS $750 NOW $649.00

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Thuraya FDU-3500


May 30, 2018
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