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Mt. Kenya Expedition 2016

Mt. Kenya Expedition:25TH - 28TH FEB 2016

mount kenya Expedition 2016 satellite phones power


Indigo Telecom Limited has been providing satellite communication solutions for over 10 years. We have provided these services to tourism companies that take their clientele to remote areas.

Taking part in the hike offers our client a first hand experience with our core satellite phones for different sectors including tourism, transports and logistics.


Mount Kenya is a strikingly beautiful and adventure-rich spectacle that features as one of Kenya’s greatest tourist attractions. It is the highest mountain in Kenya and the second-highest in Africa. The crater is about 5,100 m high and temperatures can go as low as 4°C.Mount Kenya receives about 16,000 visitors annually.

Spanish Mountaineer to Communicate from World’s Highest Summit withThuraya Solutions

Abu Dhabi, 30th March 2011:

Spanish mountaineer Edurne Pasaban has once again selected Thuraya as her satellite communications partner for her forthcoming expedition to Mount Everest. Pasaban will be deploying Thuraya XT and Thuraya IP for weather forecasts, website updates and to stay in touch with family and friends.

“I have decided to undertake this journey with Thuraya solutions again, as my previous experience last year with them while climbing Annapurna was a great success. Communications on such a challenging trip cannot be taken for granted. I am ensuring that I use the most reliable solution, which I believe is what Thuraya’s about,” said Pasaban.

Progress and news of her journey was transmitted in real-time to her fans and the media through Thuraya’s data services, available through the Thuraya IP terminal. “The Thuraya IP terminal is the ideal choice for climbing mountains because of its compact size which makes it so easy to store without taking up space in my gear.

Pictures and videos recorded of users engaging with the product to be posted. Stay tuned.

  • Day: 1(25th February2016)
  • Hike through the scenic forest 2 hours to chogoria Bandas (2600metres) for the overnight stay
  • Day: 2 (26th February2016)
  • Depart from Bandas at 8am
  • Trek through heather and moorland to Mintos hut (4200metres) for 6-8 hours and camp for the night
  • Day: 3 (27th February2016)
  • Leave Mintos at 3am to descend to point lenana (4985metres)
  • Aim to summit at dawn and descend down for breakfast at Shiptons camp (4200metres)
  • Proceed to old moses camp (3300metres) to spend the last night on the mountain: 8-10hours
  • Day: 4 (28th February2016)
  • Leave old mosses at 9am to arrive at the sirimon gate 3 hours later to get the transport back to Nairobi
mount kenya Expedition 2016 satellite phones power
February 25, 2016


Good way to demonstrate the capabilities of satellite phones.

Melloe Dee Wanjiru

The adventure is definitely one to remember. The thuraya xt lite and thuraya ip were my preferred tools for voice and data communication, not once did they fail me. I would recommend it to those who travel where networks are irregular. Great, reliable and simple.

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